We believe in using Education as a platform to fight poverty.

We aren’t just about handing out fish, our focus is teaching those we encounter how to fish. Our focus is the people living in poverty. We provide education and development as tools to rebuild the self-worth and capacity of others.

We want the children and adults that we work with to become self-sustaining and independent so that they ‘better’ themselves, their families, and their communities. In doing so, we hope to restore their dignity and come one step closer to breaking the cycle of poverty in their lives.

We commit to helping and working with the forgotten orphans and widows of the world. Our efforts are to provide relief support to them when necessary.


We strive to provide all that is needed to unlock the potential future of these bright minds. We desire to continue investing in the needs of the children, and to eventually reach the families and caregivers through domestic support and economic training.

feeding-whiteFeeding Programs

Five meals a week are provided to each student. The meal program is built on providing necessary nutrition that will give the children the strength to live and learn. Sadly for many, this is the only meal they will eat. These meals not only boost health and hope, but help fight the hunger pains that starve out the ability to focus.

materials-whiteSchool Materials

Owing to the children’s humble background, and given our desire to provide quality, uninterrupted education, the project hopes to provide the children with educational materials that will equip and inspire them to change the future. These materials consist of books, papers, writing utensils, and creative materials.


Without being able to spend the majority of their day in school, the kids will fight to protect themselves from hostile neighborhoods, sexual abuse, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and exploitation as child labor.